All kinds of hot Bible study topics, necessary spiritual devotional resources for life growth and revelation of the biblical prophecies can practically meet your needs, resolve your difficulties and disclose the little-known mysteries in the Bible.

Illustrated and nicely arranged Bible stories of the New and Old Testaments will help you to look back on the bits and pieces of God’s work and to feel God’s almightiness and wisdom.

We select seven kinds of testimonies of Christians experiencing God’s work, including Spiritual Warfare, Marriage & Family, Parenting & Education, Career, Meaning of Life, Salvation by God’s Grace and Persecution Testimonies. Through these practical experiences which are close to life, we share the enlightenment and guidance from God with you and help you increase the knowledge of God and the faith in God.

Why Choose Us?

  • All kinds of interpretations of the Bible and spiritual devotional articles will enrich your spiritual life.

    We carefully select all kinds of interpretations of the Bible and spiritual devotional articles to explore the topic about the fate and destination of Christians with you. Each article elaborates on an aspect of truth. Let’s receive the new light of God together. We will give you an unprecedented reading experience.

  • Popular Christian hymn videos, gospel videos and inspirational videos will bring you different spiritual gains.

    Apart from amazing articles, we also collected many popular Christian hymn videos and inspirational videos, as well as all kinds of gospel videos. They will bring you different audio-visual enjoyment. While relaxing yourself, you can receive rich spiritual gains.

  • Enjoy all features with no purchase necessary and no advertisements.

    We are a nonprofit organization, so this app is completely free and without advertisements. Our aim is to spread God’s gospel and provide you with a clean and convenient Bible reading app.

  • Get new contents every day and practice spiritual devotion anytime and anywhere.

    We provide new and rich contents every day, including the latest news, hot topic articles and classic articles. Rich provision of truths will help you gain more enlightenment from God. This app is for all people. With it, you can read the Bible while you are waiting for the bus, taking the bus, in school, at home or in the office and enrich your day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


May I ask for additional features?

Sure! If you have any suggestion about this app, please feel free to leave us a message through the live chat box at the lower right corner of our website or email us at We will carefully consider your suggestions and come up with suitable solutions so that you can get a better reading experience.


Does this app take up a lot of space?

The installation package is only 6.69 MB. The app is easy to download and install, and it runs fast. It contains diversified contents with the smallest size.


Are there daily verse notifications?

Yes. You can long press the home screen and add the Bible Reading Made Easy widget to receive daily verse notifications.


Will you add more Bible versions to this app?

Yes. We will keep adding more Bible versions to make it convenient for more users.


Could you please provide me with reading plans?

The reading plan feature is under development. The upcoming versions will include reading plans and daily push notifications to make your reading more convenient.


May I share my difficulties and problems with you?

Sure. We provide 24/7 service to answer your questions. You are welcome to contact us anytime.


Why do I need to update the app?

We strongly encourage you to update it to get the newest and improved Bible study tool. We will occasionally update it, fix some bugs, improve user experience, and develop new features to enrich your spiritual life.

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